Reviews and a belated introduction

So since posting on Saturday, something else occurred to me, and I thought I should tell you about it now while I think of it, because there’s some saying about putting things off until tomorrow that you can do today and I’m feeling uncharacteristically efficient.

lizzyI’d like to talk about Lizzy Dening. Lizzy and I joined the Nasty Little Press family at approximately the same time, when we brought some much needed names with zeds to the NLP website’s People page. Because I was just getting the hang of the blog thing back then, I don’t feel like I introduced very her well, so without any further ado, here are some things that I know about Lizzy:

  • Her poems have been published in various places including The Times and The Rialto, and she also had a pair of poems exhibited in Edward Hopper’s house in New York.
  • She is a feature writer for the Cambridge News and its family of magazines.
  • She is incredibly passionate about nature, goes to the zoo as often as she can, writes a blog about her trips and is currently working on a non-fiction book about zoos.
  • Her Nasty Little Intro #2 was published by NLP in December 2011, and continues to get great reviews.


One such great review (or group of reviews) was published online recently by Sphinx, which you can read here. I do recommend you go read all three reviews, but here are a couple highlights:

Lizzy Dening’s poems invite readers in. I appreciated their tight focus and the way tone and detail brought the poems and situations alive. The poems were pleasurable to read aloud too, showing the writer has taken care with rhythm and choice of words. I look forward to a full collection.

Lizzy Dening’s pamphlet manages to showcase a wide range of qualities in a short space.

Her narrative gift is clear from the off, as in ‘Silverfish’, the pamphlet’s first poem. Its ending brings the story to a close, yet skillfully opens out beyond:

Yet when their shells had been binned
she noticed instead, the steady trickle
of disappointments. The time she asked
for yellow roses, and he bought her lemons.


For more information about Lizzy and the rest of the NLP family, have a wander round the website here but do also take a look at everyone’s various websites, facebook pages and twitter feeds. Lots of our poets are either touring or preparing to tour, so keep an eye out in case one or more of them could be coming to an arts centre or literary festival near you!

Until next time, poetry fans!

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