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Jesus Buys Me Cigarettes is here!

jWe’re very excited to announce the launch Tim Clare’s debut album Jesus Buys Me Cigarettes. A mix of bawdy spoken word, surreal wordplay and sweet, Albarn-esque uke songs Jesus Buys Me Cigarettes is like nothing you will have heard before and proof of why Tim Clare is such a popular live act at arts centres and music festivals.

The album is the perfect accompaniment to Tim’s collection Pub Stuntman which we published last year. Why not get yourself a copy of both? We’ll knock a few quid off if you do.

Pub Stuntman + Jesus Buys Me Cigarettes – £15

Some Things

Poetry fans, I have exciting things to tell you about a number of our poets!

pubFirst up: Salena Godden, whose show Stir It Up – 50 Years of Writing Jamaica was broadcast on Radio 4 on Monday and is available here on BBC iPlayer for the next five days! This is an excellent opportunity to hear some of Salena’s work, as well as reflections on the literary heritage of Jamaica on the fiftieth anniversary of its independence. You can find out bit more about Salena on her Nasty Little Press profile page and her blog.

Next on my list of Things To Tell You is that Tim Clare got a fantastic review of his debut collection Pub Stuntman from Sabotage Reviews. You can check it out here, but here’s a lovely highlight:

It is the little turns of comedy that make Pub Stuntman such a breath of fresh air and such an enjoyable and easy collection to read. There is none of the heavy-handed ‘ULTIMATE SOUL PAIN’ that Clare mocks, and he is the polar opposite of the poet who, in the collection’s final poem, wears ‘his condescension / like a giant gilt-edged monocle.’


And now, like Columbo, One More Thing: The Latitude Poetry Club at 8:00pm on Wednesday 19th September at the Norwich Arts Centre. Featuring Luke Kennard, Sam Riviere and NLP poet Martin Figura, the evening will be hosted by Luke Wright, also an NLP favourite, and will cost £7 (£5 concessions). Buy your tickets here before they sell out!

That’s it! That’s all my things! Until next time!

Introducing … Tim Clare

Introducing you to Tim Clare is a bit like the credits for Ocean’s Eleven, which read …and introducing Julia Roberts as Tess.

timNow look, I realise this is a slightly odd thing to say. As far as I know, Tim doesn’t aspire to be America’s next sweetheart, and Julia doesn’t have a penchant for rhyming and the ukulele. What I really mean is that if you are a fan of the UK poetry scene, you will probably not need me to introduce you to Tim, whose debut collection Pub Stuntman is now available for pre-order here on the NLP website.

As his profile page and website will tell you, Tim is something of a one man variety show. His live shows are a heady mix of poetry, comedy and musical stylings on the ukulele, and Pub Stuntman brings all that variety to the page, along with a heaping dose of satire and the surreal. He is the author of the prize-winning memoir We Can’t All Be Astronauts and two highly acclaimed solo stage shows, which he has toured worldwide. He is one of the UK’s most popular stand-up poets and a familiar face at both literary and music festivals.

Mr Clare, we are sincerely jazzed to welcome you to the NLP family!