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‘Good evening, we are The Fall"

flierHow do you feel about gramophones, poetry fans? Vinyl? The Fall? Kick-ass poeming? Look no further; I have something for you that brings these four things together in a way that reminds me a little of Avengers: Assemble, only with less mythical hammers and flying.

On Saturday 22nd June, I’m delighted to tell you that Nasty Little Press is hosting a short literary cabaret* on the top floor of Norwich’s Keir Hardie Hall, before our friend DJ78 plays all his old Fall records on the original vinyl.

Reading on the night will be Luke Wright (The Vile Ascent of Lucien Gore And What The People Did), John Osborne (Most People Aren’t That Happy Anyway), Martin Figura (Arthur) and Hattie Grünwald (Nasty Little Intro #6).

And if the promise of all that NLP talent and the mad gramophoning skillz of DJ78 weren’t enough to have you camping outside Keir Hardie Hall tomorrow on garden furniture with thermoses of soup and sleeping bags, here’s something else:

It’s FREE.

Yep, don’t say we don’t treat you good, poetry fans. It all kicks off at 8:00pm and promises to be a fantastic night, so make sure it’s firmly in your diary, or on your calendar, or felt penned on your hand, depending how you roll.

*Am I the only person who, on hearing the words ‘literary cabaret’, imagines books wearing jaunty hats and high-kicking? Oh, just me again. OK then.

The Pavement Ice Rink and the Pancake Prince

Look, I like paragraphs as much as the next person, but sometimes, don’t you just crave the clean simplicity of a bullet-pointed list? You do? Excellent.

Here then, in short, are The Things That Have Happened Since My Last Post:

  • Luke Wright’s spoken word album We’re All In This Together has gone from being available for pre-order on the website to being available for actual and immediate purchase on the website. It’s also still available on iTunes if you want to download it rather than hold it and gaze at it (and then put it in a CD player).
  • Many of our poets continue to be out and about and very possibly gigging in your area. Check out their sections of the NLP website for further links and information.
  • It snowed, it partially melted, it refroze into a treacherous pavement ice rink, it fully melted and then the sun came out and certain people started wondering about flip flops. Just saying. Spring’s here!
  • The Oscar for Best Animated Short was won by a film called The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr Morris Lessmore. If you like short, animated films about books that come to life, this is for you.
  • Preparations continue for NLP’s upcoming releases: Nasty Little Intros from Amy Blakemore and Alex Gwyther, and a pamphlet from Elvis McGonagall. We’re really looking forward to introducing you to these guys!
  • There’s a new baby at NLP HQ! And he arrived on Pancake Day! Congratulations to Sally, Luke and Aidan, and welcome to the world, little Sam; there will be pancakes at all your birthday parties.