Spoken word and killer couplets

Who has snow today? Anyone? Our recycling bin was frozen shut yesterday morning and for a second last night, the drizzle got a bit floaty in Norwich and I thought we might wake up to a winter wonderland. Nope. Just rain. I’ve got to admit that the eight year old in me was disappointed, but then the twenty eight year old in me reminded the eight year old that we (I) don’t currently own any waterproof shoes and we all felt better.

So good day to you! I have some exciting NLP Things to tell you. First, Luke Wright’s spoken word album We’re All In This Together is now available, both on iTunes and for pre-order here on the website. If you’ve not been to see Luke perform before and you live somewhere where he doesn’t often do gigs (like maybe The Shetland Isles or Guernsey), I highly recommend this album. It’ll be like Luke’s doing a gig for you in your living room. Or your car.

Also, on a Luke Wright theme, The Vile Ascent Of Lucien Gore And What The People Did was reviewed recently by Sphinx. Here are the highlights:

After thirteen years of pseudo left-wing government, the Tories, led by the media-savvy Lucien Gore, sweep to power and begin dismantling public services. Luke Wright’s nineteen-page satire, in ottava rima, presents a solution of sorts and an attack on voter apathy. Anger fuels the poetry and works particularly well in ironic killer-couplets.

Wright, a cracking performer, sets up an equally rollicking pace on the page.

Lucien Gore is an enjoyable political satire of our times.

For more information on this and all the other books that NLP has published, take a wander through the Books section of the website.

Until next time then, poetry fans. I hope you’ve all had a great day so far. Mine was significantly improved by furry slippers and a cranberry and orange hot cross bun from Marks and Spencer. That’s totally the twenty eight year old talking, by the way. The eight year old would have been jazzed by the lady who just walked past the window in a funny hat.

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