The NLP Arrival Announcer

Here’s a question for you: what’s the name of the guy who stands in the doorway at balls, finds out the name of each arrival and announces them as they walk in? I tried to find out and the internet failed me. Until someone comes up with a better name, I’m going to go with Arrival Announcer. That’s me, right now. The Nasty Little Press Arrival Announcer. Of course, in my head, there’s an actual ball room and I sound a little like Lumière from Beauty and the Beast, but that might be a discussion for another time.

So let’s get on with the announcing. Last week I announced the arrival of Tristram Fane Saunders and his Nasty Little Intro #5, and today I have two new books to tell you about, both of which are available to buy right now from the NLP shop.

elvisFirst, I am delighted to introduce you to Elvis McGonagall: stand-up poet, armchair revolutionary and recumbent rocker. In print for the first time ever, Elvis’s poems challenge our politicians and the people who make decisions for us, our obsession with pop culture (do NOT get him started on Jeremy Clarkson. Or actually, do. It’s pretty entertaining), and our reliance on consumerism. A regular both on Radio 4 and at comedy clubs and music festivals, Elvis is one of Britain’s favourite live performers and we’re thrilled to welcome him and his debut pamphlet Mostly Dreich to the NLP family.

Last, but by no means least, I’m also really pleased to introduce you to Arthur by Martin Figura (whose Boring The Arse Off Young People is also still available here on the NLP website). Developed in conjunction with Roaming, an exploration by seven artists of the geography, fables and peoples of East Anglia, Arthur is a narrative sequence of poems detailing the life of an odd, but happy young man whose life is changed forever when the Second World War breaks out.

By the end of this year, Nasty Little Press will have published ten books, and even with this little flurry, we still have two to come! Keep your eyes open for news of our final festive arrivals; I think I might need to get me a big cane to bash on the floor for the occasion. And maybe some kind of frock coat…

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