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sphinxYou know how when you hear someone saying something really nice about someone you know? You’re at a party and you hear people talking about a friend of yours and they say “She’s the one who baked that cake over there that basically made me weep with joy”, or “Have you seen his illustrations? They’re incredibly good. You should check out his blog”, and you feel like running up to those people and saying “I KNOW! Aren’t they GREAT?!” but you don’t, because you don’t want to appear weird? Anyone else know that feeling?

I get that a lot working for NLP, and it happened again just this evening when I read these reviews of Nic Aubury’s Small Talk from Sphinx. I don’t want to spoil it all for you, as it’s a great read, but here are a couple of highlights:

Whether Aubury is setting his sights on relationships, technology, or the experience of being a poet, his spirited use of rhyme lights up the page. I found his images, coupled with simple lines made weighty with emotional intelligence, very moving. Read aloud, his poems contain a kind of devil-may-care joy. It is infectious.

Aubury pinpoints the humour and pathos in everyday life with precise rhyme, and can also offer images that resonate with the reader.

I tell the waiter ‘Fine’
when really what I’m thinking it
‘I’m fairly sure it’s wine.’

It’s the kind of perfectly constructed observation you’ll want to be able to remember and breezily quote next time you’re in that situation. And this pamphlet is full of them.


If those reviews have whetted your appetite for a bit of poetry and you haven’t yet bought Small Talk, it and a whole bevvy of poetical beauties are available here on the NLP website. Come have a browse…

Until next time, poetry fans!

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