Poems are supplied. Bring your own champagne.

Good day to you, and humblest apologies for the radio silence from this blog. No excuses, just apologies. I will do better.

There are new and exciting things afoot at NLP, new and exciting things that I have not yet received clearance to tell you about. Rest assured that you guys will be the first to know when I do!

poejazziIn the meantime, members of our facebook group may have seen this already, but it’s such a great review, you shouldn’t have to be a member of our champagne-swilling, super-exclusive, über mysterious facebook group to take part*. Poejazzi is a London-based spoken word and music night, and a couple of weeks ago, they reviewed Alex Gwyther’s Nasty Little Intro #4 on their blog. And what a lovely review it is! (Plus, they call us a cool publishing universe. Oh Poejazzi. Flattery will get you everywhere.)

Until next time, poetry fans, I hope you’re all sprinting outside whenever the sun comes out to see as much of the summer as possible!

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*In actual fact, it’s not super exclusive and it’s totally un-mysterious. Honestly. Come join us. Poems are supplied. Bring your own champagne.

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