Intros, gigs and the wettest drought ever

Well hello there, poetry fans, and a very happy (and rainy if you live…pretty much anywhere in the UK) Saturday to you!

This is just a quick ‘un to remind you that our two latest pamphlets, Nasty Little Intro #3 by Amy Blakemore and Nasty Little Intro #4 by Alex Gwyther are flying off the shelves. Awesome poetry from two of the UK poetry scene’s Next Big Things, and all for the bargain price of £2. Stocks are limited, so don’t miss out!

I also have a few gigs for you to pencil into your diary, from above mentioned NLP poet Alex Gwyther. He’s out and about around the UK this spring and summer, most notably at Streetfest on 6th May, Poejazzi on 10th June, The Secret Garden Party from 19th-22nd July, and Camp Bestival from 26th-29th July.

Not being a farmer or someone who monitors water levels in regional reservoirs, I can’t say I’m all that excited about this ‘drought’ we are having. In fact, it would almost appear that we are being cheated out of an entire season. At NLP, I know we have some friends in high places, but am unsure whether any of them actually have the power to do anything about the weather. I’m just putting it out there. It’s my birthday next week and I’d like to wear my flip flops. OK? Thanks.

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