Have you met Martin?

At the risk of being that person at the party who introduces two people to each other who have not only met but know how the other takes their coffee, already think each other are pretty funny and have possibly holidayed together in the south of France, I’d like to (re)acquaint you with Martin Figura.

martinMartin’s been a published poet for nearly fifteen years, and an NLP poet for four. He featured in This is What a Poet Looks Like, our (currently out of print) collaboration with Norwich’s fabulous Book Hive, and we have also had the great pleasure of publishing two of his poetry pamphlets, Boring The Arse Off Young People and Arthur.

It’s the last of these that I especially want to draw your attention to, as Poetry London recently had some very nice things to say about it. Unfortunately, you will have to hunt down a hard copy of the magazine to read the review in full, as it is not featured on their website, but for those without the time or sleuthing skills to track down a paper copy of the magazine, here are a couple of highlights:

Even the most dramatic moments of war are conveyed in simple, declarative sentences with the clarity of a newsreel…

…this humming tension of repression is what allows for the pamphlet’s striking moments of emotion release

You can buy Arthur here on the NLP website, and you’ll also find out more information about Martin on his website, where you will also be able to keep up with where he will be performing.

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