Craughing with The General

Like a horse-bound postal rider, poetry fans (I’m watching Pride and Prejudice, I’m sorry), I bring you news of one of our NLP poets, Salena Godden!


If you’ve not been introduced to her before, or discovered her NLP-published pamphlet Under the Pier, let me do the honours. Described variously as ‘The doyenne of the spoken word scene’ (Ian McMillan, BBC Radio 3’s The Verb), ‘The Mae West madam of the salon’ (The Sunday Times) and as ‘everything the Daily Mail is terrified of’ (Kerrang! Magazine), Salena writes and and performs poetry, fiction, memoir, radio drama and lyrics. She is known as The General of the Book Club Boutique, a literary salon in Soho, and has appeared on radio programmes including Woman’s Hour and Saturday Live.

Salena’s latest project, a book called Springfield Road, is being funded and produced by Unbound, an organization that puts the power of publishing in the hands of the authors and readers. You can read her pitch here in full, but here are the highlights:

Springfield Road is a journey into childhood. My childhood, maybe your childhood too. I set out to capture a snapshot of the seventies, a world without health and safety, a time of halfpenny sweets, fish and chips in newspaper, cassette tapes of the Sunday night top ten, scrumping apples and foraging for conkers, through the eyes of my child self.

It is the memoir of our family home on Springfield Road in Hastings, but it is also a memoir of the journey I took writing this book … They haven’t told our story like this before, and I believe it’s about time. This book will make you craugh, cry and laugh at once. When you read it I imagine you will say, Hey! I remember, we did that too! You might say I remember being closer to the ground; I remember riding my bike with my feet off the pedals; I remember summers were longer and how oranges were bigger; I remember struggling to comprehend sex and death, heaven and hell, war and God, and perhaps you’ll say, I remember I missed my dad too. This is my story but I think maybe it’s your story too. With your help and with thanks to Unbound Books this story can finally be shared.

If this has whetted your appetite and you’d like to pledge to this project, please go to Springfield Road’s page on Unbound, where you can also read about the goodies you would also get for your pledged amount.

Do go and read about Salena’s book and pledge if you can; we’re very proud of our NLP poets and want the whole world to know how ace they are!

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