New year, new projects

Is it me, or does 2012 look better written down than 2011? Just me? OK then.

Happy New Year, poetry fans! I hope you all had a fantastic break (I’m assuming you had a break. If you didn’t, I hope you managed to breathe festive joy into your air traffic control or heart surgery and held Christmas in your heart like Bob Cratchit aka Kermit the Frog) and are in the process of having an awesome new year.

Here at NLP, the year has started really well, with poetry (not quite) literally flying off the shelves. Our two newest pamphlets, Nasty Little Intro #2 by Lizzy Dening and Small Talk by Nic Aubury have been doing especially well, but pamphlets from across the NLP back catalogue have been winging their way all over the country. If this is your first time visiting us at NLP, or if on previous visits you’ve been hunting for something specific and haven’t had time to look around, then hello, welcome, pull up a chair and have a good browse. You’ll find links on our author pages that will hopefully tell you a bit more about them and the kind of poetry they write and perform; I hope you’ll find something that makes you smile or makes you laugh or makes you think.

While you’re perusing the pamphlets and finding out about our authors, you’ll also notice that many of them are currently touring and performing all over the country, and if any of them are coming to a town near you, I strongly recommend you go and see them, and then say hello afterwards. It’s a tough job, touring, but friendly faces and kind words make it less tough. Poets are people too, you know. We should get that printed on a t-shirt…

So 2012 has started well, but there’s plenty to look forward to, as we have two new Nasty Little Intros in production from Amy Blakemore and Alex Gwyther, and a pamphlet from Elvis McGonagall due in March. We’re also very excited about a poem written by Luke Wright, which is going to be featured and illustrated in The Beano. The Beano. I know. More information about all these exciting projects will be forthcoming!

Until next time, poetry fans,


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