Great reviews and festive joy

How’s the Crazy Eyed Sprinting going? I don’t want to brag, but apart from being physically repulsed by Mariah Carey and Justin Bieber’s remake of All I Want For Christmas and running my thumb through with a needle yesterday evening while threading festive popcorn, the Christmas run-up has been fairly uneventful. I’m almost sorted. So naturally, I’ve braced myself for one of the major UK couriers to inexplicably take my final online order hostage in their Chelmsford warehouse and then batten down the hatches and refuse to respond to calls or emails like they did last year. Nothing like Christmas presents in the middle of January, City Link, thanks for that.

Here at NLP HQ, however, Mariah’s inappropriately sexy Santa suit and the threat of late presents can’t dampen the festive cheer generated by a little flurry of arrivals and reviews.

Nic Aubury’s Small Talk has just arrived hot off the press and has had a really great response so far, with Sophie Hannah at the Sunday Express calling it “utterly delightful” and picking it as one of her books of the year. This is brilliant news and hopefully the first fantastic review of many!

We also had a lovely early Christmas present from Poetry Review who reviewed Luke Wright’s The Vile Ascent of Lucien Gore and What The People Did and called it a “quasi poetical tour de force of blunt rima”, saying that “such on the nose writing hits all the targets”.

Great reviews make our day, but we’re not only interested in what poetry magazines and newspapers think, we really value your opinions too. Come find us here on the website or on facebook or Twitter and let us know what you think! You never know, you might just make our Christmas as well as making our day.

From everyone at NLP, have a very, very Happy Christmas!

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