Hello World!

We were Nasty Little Press.

We were founded in 2009 by Luke Wright & Sally Roe.

Over six years we published over 30 books by 20 different poets, bringing entertaining poetry to the world from a laptop in East Anglia.

We were the first people to publish collections from John Osborne, Byron Vincent, Tim Clare, Nic Aubury and Elvis McGonagall.

We published collections by established artists such as Martin Newell, Martin Figura and Salena Godden.

We made graphic novels with Molly Naylor, and Amy Mason & Eddie Argos.

We turned Joel Stickley’s How To Write Badly Well blog into brilliant book.

We brought nine ‘Intros’ into the world, helping to launch the careers of Hannah Jane Walker, Lizzy Dening, Amy Blakemore, Alex Gwyther, Tristram Fane-Saunders, Hattie Grunewald, Sye Sanders, Carmina Masoliver and Ben Norris.

We’re checking out now. Ta-rah.